Trout Of The Tundra

by Gary Borger

Big Brook Trout. The wilderness of the Far North. A gentle River. Canoeing. A fly fisher's dream trip. But this exciting video is more than an action-packed, week long fishing and canoeing adventure on the shores of Hudson Bay; it's also a detailed tape on angling tactics.

In addition to learning how to take big squaretails on nymphs and small dry flies, you'll see how to dress Gary's deadly Down and Dirty Mouse and his irresistible Strip Leech Series, including the snag-proof Upside Down Leech.

The big, cooperative brookies come fast and furious to tactics like the Down and Across Swing, Curve Mend, Bottom Bouncing and others. Tactics like these work on any trout anywhere. All of these are very carefully described in the thorough fashion for which Gary's tapes have become known. A great tape for all fly fishers and a particularly nice look at techniques for brookies.