The Skills Of Fly Fishing

by Gary Borger

THE SKILLS OF FLY FISHING is the Foundation Tape in the Skills of Fly Fishing Video Series by Gary Borger. It introduces you to the many facets of this challenging and fascinating sport.

Feeding Fish -- what they eat, where they are and what flies will catch them

Equipment-- the right rods, reels and lines for the fish you're after.

Knots -- the basic knots you'll need to make all the right connections.

Casting and Presentation -- techniques to put your fly right where the fish are feeding.

From the Great Lakes to farm ponds, from tiny spring creeks to mountain rivers of the West, from the jungles of New Zealand to the Gulf of Mexico, you'll see exciting action scenes filmed on the most beautiful and productive waters of the world.

After an introduction by Curt Gowdy, let master angler Gary Borger help you become a more successful fly fisher for all kinds of fish. From bluegills to tarpon, you'll learn how to catch fish whenever you choose to cast a fly.