by Gary A. Borger

Drawings by Jason Borger

Presentation is more than casting and line handling, more than fishing techniques, more than the right fly, more than understanding and finding fish, more than the right equipment.

"Presentation is the integrated whole."

Presentation blends all the skills of fly fishing into one cohesive angling strategy, offering information of great value to fishers of all experience levels. Everyone who reads it will come away richer in fly fishing skills and understanding.

From internationally renowned angler and award-winning author Gary Borger comes Presentation, carefully detailing the how-to and why-to of his highly successful approach to fly fishing.

Section one describes the predator/prey relationship, discussing the fish as prey, why fish are where they are, how fish feed, what fish eat, and the angler as predator. Additional, diagnostic keys allow the reader to easily select the best presentation tactic for any angling situation.

Section two covers the subtleties of equipment selection and line handling. Included are never-before-published leader concepts and designs; new, highly effective knot tying techniques; strategies for rod, line and reel selection; and Gary's numerous, and often-unique, fly-casting tactics.

Section Three details his totally integrated, thought-provoking, conceptual approach to fly delivery, describing in detail the seven fundamental tactics and many variations he has developed to solve specific angling problems.

Jason Borger has illustrated Presentation with over 220 color and black and white lithographs and line drawings that illuminate and enhance the book's concepts, discussions and anecdotes.

The cased presentation edition of Presentation.

Edition limited to 250 books.