Fishing The Midge

by Gary Borger

From the jumbo-sized lake midges to minute spring creek species, this beautifully photographed tape provides an exciting, in-depth look at these extremely important aquatic insects. Gary shows you where to find these Dipterans, and through close-up photography describes the larval, pupal, emerger, and adult stages.

Using the clear, precise language that is his trademark, he relates this information to the design and tying of his highly successful midge imitations. You see flies like the Brassie, Fur Midge Larva, Sparkle Pupa, Jumbo Lake Pupa and Clump Fly.

On location in British Columbia, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Utah. Gary discusses how to select and rig your equipment and then demonstrates the most successful midge presentation tactics by taking big trout in streams, spring creeks, rivers and lakes.

Through these fast-paced, action sequences you'll learn proven angling techniques that work! Tactics like Tube Jigging, Super-Long Leader, Strike Indicators in Lakes, the Greased Leader, Sight Fishing, Wing Shooting, and others. This comprehensive, carefully documented tape is essential for all fly fishers.