Fishing Crustaceans and Snails

by Gary Borger

Big Trout eat these critters, and in this stimulating, fast-paced video, Gary takes you on location in the East and West to show you how to use his highly successful imitations and tactics for taking large fish in both lakes and streams. Close-up photography makes clear the life habits of the scuds, cressbugs, crayfish and snails.

Gary then shares the techniques for dressing his very successful Hair Leg Scud, Fluorescent Scud, Hair Leg Cressbug, Fleeing Crayfish, Peacock Snail, and Floating snail. Through his acclaimed, easy to follow teaching style, he clearly shows you how to use these flies to take big trout with the Compound Tippet, the Slow Sink, The Erratic Retrieve, Jigging, Wave Bobbing and other tactics.

He then demonstrates how to cast an exceptionally long line to reach the waters where big fish hide. If you fish for big trout, or want to, this inspiring tape is a must for you as it covers creatures and methods relatively unknown to most anglers.