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Chapters cover important points such as:

  • The prey-predator relationship and fish vision
  • Why fish are where fish are
  • The way fish feed
  • What fish eat
  • The angler as predator
  • Equipment
  • Line handling
  • Foundation Strategies
  • The minor tactic


Limited Edition (250) Price will increase after 2-1-96. Full leather bindings, autographed, includes a signed and numbed hand-colored lithograph by Jason Borger, autographed bookmark with Gary Borger designed fly and more. A lasting investment!


  • Presentation Edition (50 only)

    Red leather slipcased with engraved plate, remarked with an artist's drawing from the book, numbered, autographed with 52 hand-colored illustrations, slipcase and more. Add a black walnut box with a burl face to hold the book and all fifty (50) fly patterns mentioned in the book tied by the author, Gary Borger. Each set is unique, made on handmade Partridge hooks and much, much more.

    A fabulous gift, possession or investment.

BCS (Borger Color System) by Gary Borger

  • A solution to the "what color is the fly?" question
  • BCS uses colorfast chips for accurate color matching
  • Descriptive names for color distribution
  • Hook size chart to match naturals
  • Data sheets to record data.
  • Booklet with data pad


Gary Borger started fly fishing videos with his "Nymphs." and has extended his "Skills of Fly Fishing" series with longer videos in some of the best fly fishing venues in the world.

THE SKILLS of FLY FISHING (75 minutes)

  • Bluegills, tarpon, pike, trout, salmon, bass & redfish
  • Finding feeding fish
  • Selecting Equipment
  • Tying strong, simply knots
  • Casting
  • Presentation and more

TROUT in STILLWATERS (57 minutes)

  • Skills and tactics unique to fishing stillwaters
  • Special casts
  • Locating fish
  • Identifying Naturals
  • Fly imitations


  • Great dry fly fishing on a great river
  • Skills to help you anywhere
  • Four foundation dry fly tactics
  • Effective artificials


  • Spotting, stalking and landing those large inland New Zealand trout


  • Incredible Montana River
  • Tactics and the right equipment
  • Best artificials to fool 20 inchers
  • Techniques that can be used anywhere

NYMPHING (30 minutes)

  • The Original!
  • Major nymphing techniques
  • Artificials to match the great fishing

FISHING the MIDGE (35 minutes)

  • Jumbo lake midges
  • Tiny spring creek species
  • Exciting in-depth look at all life stages
  • Flies and tactics involved


  • Information for both stillwaters and streams
  • Close-up photography
  • Innovative artificials
  • Successful angling strategies


  • Stimulating
  • Fast-paced
  • Successful imitations and tactics for streams and lakes
  • Long line casts
  • Scuds, cressbugs, crayfish and snails
  • Big trout featured

TROUT of the TUNDRA --Leeches, Minnows, Mice and More for Big Brookies (30 minutes)

  • Canoeing and fly fishing a wilderness river
  • Action techniques for bottom bouncing with leeches and minnows
  • Skating big mouse flies on the surface

FLYCASTING with LEFTY KREH (45 minutes) 5

  • Fundamental principles of fly casting
  • 30 casts and mends
  • Lefty at his best!
  • Produced by Gary Borger


WHERE the TROUT ARE... The Importance of Our Cold Water Resources: (50 minutes - Produced in cooperation with the Federation of Fly Fishers)

AUDIO: 1st place Award Winner Nature Music Audio

  • "My Madison ... A Celebration with the River in Words and Music (53 minutes)
    • Part I The Words: Gary Borger (Poetry in prose, natural sounds and music)
    • Part II The Music: John Beth

    For those who love rivers and the wild places they are found. Listen to this great music while driving or in quiet times when you read or sit at the bench to dress your favorite flies. Let it take you to the Madison any time.

GRAPHICS: Limited Edition Hand Colored Lithographs by Jason Borger

The book "PRESENTATION" was illustrated by Jason Borger.

Art from the book is now available. Each piece listed below is offered as a Limited Edition Original, Hand Colored Lithograph signed and numbered by the artist who, among other accomplishments was a fly casting double in Robert Redford's A River Runs Through It.

Editor's note: While these lithographs deserve wall space for either their accuracy or their beauty, it seems clear that Jason Borger is a potentially great graphic artist at the beginning of his career. So those interested in investments might take note.

  • Lithograph 1. "Three Domestics and an Import" The brook trout (page 139), the rainbow (page 81, right) and the cutthroat (page 288) are the natives, the Brown is the import.
    Finished size is 9 x 11 inches (vertical).
  • Lithograph 2. "Derwent and Wye" A brown trout Jason took from England's Derwent (page 282) and a rainbow he caught in the Wye (page 81, left).
    Finished size is 6 x 9 inches (vertical)
  • Lithograph 3. "Sketches on Sketches" Studies on brown and cutthroat (277)m brown and rainbow (page 305)which Jason caught from various waters of the Rockies.
    Finished size is 8 x 10 inches (vertical).
  • Lithograph 4. "Pelican Creek bouvieri" Pelican creek is one of the principal spawning areas for the cutthroats Oncorhyncus clarki bouvieri) of Yellowstone Lake. Jason has enjoyed this fishery since he was 10 years old.Colored lithograph is on page 247.
    Finished size is 8 X 10 inches (horizontal)
  • Lithograph 5. "Shelter for the Sly" Browns are the wariest of all trout; even the young fish stay always near cover. Salmo Trutta has long been Jason's favored species (page 45).
    Finished size is 8 X 10 inches (horizontal)
  • Lithograph 6. "Second Summer for mykiss" The widely transplanted rainbow Oncorhycus mykiss provides sport worldwide, and Jason has pursued them from the brawling rivers of Alaska to the silken currents of spring creeks in Montana, New Zealand, Tasmania, England and other places.
    Finished size is 8 X 10 inches (horizontal)
  • Lithograph 7. "Five Anadramous Oncorhyncus" Jason took all five species of Pacific salmon during a trip to Alaska to celebrate his 16th birthday. The king is on page 281, the silver on page 169, sockeye on page 6, chum on page 309, and the pink on page 137.
    Finished size is 8 x 20 inches (vertical)
  • Lithograph 8. "Danica The Original" THE Mayfly, Ephemera danica, from which the order derives its common name. Very large insects, they hatch in midday and provide very exciting angling (page 103). Jason photographed specimens when fishing in England.
  • Lithograph 9. "From Russia with Love" The best Atlantic salmon fishing in the world is in Russia, and this litho was created to honor this fishery. The Atlantic salmon head is on page 263 and the full salmon on page 13.
    Finished size is 8 x 10 inches (vertical) .
  • Lithograph 10. "The Better to Hear You, My Dear" Lithograph is on page 40. Guaranteed to bring out a little smile even from the most dour of personalities.

Poster: "The Insects of Presentation." This 8 1/2 by 20 inch poster features the colored insect art from Chapter 4. Each poster is signed by the artist, but the 18 insects are not hand colored...