Gary Borger

Fly Fishing Editor

Gary Borger is a Professor of Biology at the University of Wisconsin Center, Wausau. He's recognized in "Who's Who in the Midwest," "Who's Who in Science and Engineering," " Men of Achievement," and the "Dictionary of International Biography." He's been a fly fisher since 1955, and since 1972 has taught classes and lectured internationally on all aspects of fly fishing for trout and salmon. He was a consultant on Robert Redford's A River Runs Through It and is a board member of many conservation organizations.

He's an active member of the Outdoor Writer's Association of America, Midwest Field Editor for Fly Fisherman magazine and Fly Fishing Columnist for North America Fisherman. His five best-selling books on fly fishing include Nymphing, Naturals, The Borger Color System, The Fabulous Bighorn, Designing, Trout Flies, and Presentation.

Gary pioneered fly fishing video instruction with his "Nymphing" video in 1982. Since then he has appeared in four videos for the 3M Company, and in cooperation with the Federation of Fly Fishers, produced the environmental video "Where the Trout Are." His 12-video fly series "Skills of Fly Fishing" covers all aspects of fly fishing. An award-winning CD/cassette tape, "My Madison" pioneered fly fishing nature-music audios.

He is a consultant, lecturer and a designer of the Weinbrenner Ultimate Wading Shoe, Gary Borger reels by STH, Gary Borger Signature Fly Lines and Gary Borger fly vests and much else. His international conservation efforts brought him the first Lew Jewett Memorial Life Membership by the Federation of Fly Fishers in 1979.

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