The Fabulous Bighorn

by Gary Borger

Join Gary Borger on a float trip down the incredible Bighorn River in Eastern Montana. With over 6,000 trout per mile, the river's fish population exceeds that in the time of General Custer who crossed the river over 100 years ago.

During their journey, Gary and his friends hook and land huge rainbows and "buffalo-backed" browns -- including one uncontrollable 2-footer -- which haunt these storied waters. Using heavy lines to get down deep or delicate leaders with tiny flies on top, these anglers use a variety of techniques to fool 20-inch trout feeding wildly on the Bighorn's hatches.

During these sequences, you'll learn how to locate the best angling areas, the tactics that take big trout and the right equipment to use. You'll also see the best artificials to match the food organisms the Bighorn trout feed on. With this information, you'll be a more successful fly fisher on the Bighorn or your home waters.