Wit & Wisdom Of Fishing

Funny Lines & Fishy Advice
by Louis Bignami

Ernest Hemingway, an ardent fisherman, was known to use a tommy gun to keep sharks away from his catches. Mark Twain once wrote, "There is no use in your walking five miles to fish when you can depend on being just a unsuccessful near home." These are among the many great anecdotes and quotes you'll find in Wit & Wisdom of Fishing. There's plenty of homespun advice and true accounts - and some of the biggest fish stories you'll ever encounter. Filled with colorful illustrations, Wit & Wisdom of Fishing is a great catch for the fishing enthusiast.

"I love any discourse of Rivers and Fish and Fishing."
Isaak Walton, the great angling sage, wrote those words about his favorite pastime in 1653. Today, more than 300 years later, 60 million fishermen echo his feelings. That's because fishing is more than a sport. It's a way of life. And whether your passion in striped bass or rainbow trout, you'll be hooked on Wit & Wisdom of Fishing, a lively mix of anecdotes, quotations, and trivia about the art of angling.

Inside, you'll find more than 200 of the greatest quotes ever written about fishing, like John Clarke's observation from 1639: "The best fish swim near the bottom." Or George Aston's quip: "Most anglers spend their lives in making rules for trout, and trout spend theirs in breaking them." And who can deny the truth of Corey Ford's statement: "You can always tell a fisherman, but you can't tell him much."

There are also dozens of amusing--and enlightening--fishing anecdotes, offering up friendly advice, big fish tales, and true stories. Discover people like Brian Kruse, who earned membership into one of the world's most exclusive fishing clubs by landing a 39-pound salmon--when he was only six years old! Learn about one of the biggest fishing hoaxes ever--the 550-pound "Emperor's Pike."

And if trivia is your sport, we've landed some interesting and unusual bits of fishing lore. Did you know that Fidel Castro once won a fishing tournament by catching three marlin? Or that there's a European variety of catfish that reportedly grows up to 15 feet long?

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend angler, you'll enjoy this whimsical look at the wild world of fishing.

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