How to Catch Alaska's Trophy Sportfish

Alaska Angler

by Christopher Batin

Over 30,000 anglers around the world have benefited from this advanced guide. Anyone can catch four-pound rainbows or 12-pound salmon. But if you want to catch 60 to 80-pound Alaska king salmon, 300-pound halibut, 20-pound silvers, 30-inch rainbow trout, trophy grayling and steelhead, How to Catch Alaska's Trophy Sportfish is your must-have on-stream guide.

This book gives you a Ph.D. crash course in Alaska fish habits and biology necessary for success. How to Catch Alaska's Trophy Sportfish translates volumes of biological data into terms you must know and use to catch trophy sportfish.

You'll learn about:

  • aggravation responses that catch 70-pound salmon,
  • social hierarchies that tell you where to find fish before you reach the water,
  • stream equations necessary for catching the largest trout and char.

We show you how each species of Alaska trophy sportfish responds to stimuli, and how you can duplicate those responses through our proven field tips and techniques. If you order NOW, you can have this knowledge today ... at your fingertips.

Use this book when you go shopping for flies and tackle. You receive sixteen full-color pages showing the different sportfish and the best flies and lures you need for success, all of which have earned the highest marks for catching trophy sportfish in 20 years of testing.

With this advice, you'll spend your time catching fish, rather than wondering what to catch them on. This book is also a must-have volume to fully understand the author's fishing recommendations in Fishing Alaska on Dollars a Day.

This book can make your Alaska fishing trip a success with its:

  • 368 pages and 120 action-filled photos showing you the fish-catching secrets that enabled the author to catch and release thousands of sportfish.
  • Fly fishing techniques for Alaska's lakes and streams.
  • Detailed information, life histories and feeding habits for all of Alaska's 17 major sportfish species.
  • Over 500 specific areas in Alaska where you can catch your trophy sportfish.
  • 16 full-color pages identifying Alaska's trophy sportfish plus color charts of the most effective lure and fly patterns.
  • Detailed charts and illustrations showing you where to find trophy sportfish.
  • Fish-catching secrets of over a dozen guides and biologists.