How To Catch Trophy Halibut

Learn the inside secrets of how to catch trophy halibut from 80 to 400 pounds.

The thrill of hooking an 80 to 400-pound halibut's the dream of every angler . . . a fish so heavy it takes several people to hoist it onto the scale! Catching these huge flatfish requires specialized skill and knowledge that takes a lifetime to acquire. You can now obtain this information in hours rather than years.

How to Catch Trophy Halibut: Proven Tips, Techniques and Strategies of the Experts reveals hundreds of tips that will help you catch trophy halibut wherever you fish. Whether you hire a charter or fish from your own boat, this book provides inside information that gives you an added advantage over other anglers in catching trophy halibut.

This reveals hundreds of tips for Halibut success:

  • A newly discovered, remote area where halibut average 80 to 100 pounds, and the worlds best hotspot for 300 to 400-pound "barn doors."
  • How to make super-effective metal jigs in your own home for pennies, and specialized techniques that out fit bait.
  • New type of lead head jig that so closely resembles a crab that it drives big halibut into a feeding frenzy.
  • A new floating jig that enhances bait presentation by 200 percent.
  • In-depth research that shows how you can create a powerful scent field that attracts schools of halibut . . . as recorded on sonar units
  • Specific advice on the new technology lines, hooks and equipment that will increase both the size and amount of your catch.
  • Exactly guidelines to identifying 16 prime holding and migration areas favored by slab-sided halibut.
  • Secret baits favored by huge halibut. Learn the Injection Effect to triple your catch. Illustrations show best knots, leaders, rigs, double rigs and more.

Information-Packed chapters Include:

SPECIAL TRAVEL SECTION: Over 100 pages of secret hotspots, best charter operators, local secrets and best times to fish Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California.


  • Memorable Halibut Battles
  • Halibut Guides Reveal Secrets
  • For Flyfishers Only: Two Deadly Flies that Catch Halibut in Shallow Water
  • Photo Guide to Filleting Fish
  • Money-saving Tips on Freezing, Packing, Shipping Halibut
  • Making the Record Books with Your Fish
  • Halibut Recipes
  • New Seasickness Remedy that Works
  • And hundreds of additional tips with photos of record catches to prove this information can help you realize your dream of catching huge halibut.

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