Bear Heads & Fish Tales

by Alan Liere

Patrick F. McManus, internationally recognized humorist, book author and columnist for Outdoor Life magazine, says, "What's funny? Nobody knows for sure, but I would venture to say that it's that tiny, gritty bit of truth that produces the pearl of laughter. I do not mean to imply that author Al Liere in any way resembles an oyster. The man is a funny writer, which is the best thing you can say about a humorist. I personally plan to buy a gross of Bear Heads & Fish Tales. If we have another Great Depression, people will need something to cheer them up, and I figure a copy of this book will be as good as gold in the marketplace."

- Patrick McManus

Bear Heads & Fish Tales is a collection of zany outdoor stories written by Alan Liere, Alaska's ambassador of mirth and humor to the funny bone. Learn the techniques for smoking fish, Alaska-style, by burning your neighbor's garage; what words to say to your oil pan while sleeping under your car; tips on preparing wilderness gourmet meals such as Chicken Noodle Salmon or Humpy Rainwater Soup; how to stuff a mature bull caribou into the cargo space of a Subaru hatchback and much more.

"This book is for anyone who has ever wielded a fishing rod, a shotgun, or a wiener stick," says Liere. "It's for those who experience deflated air mattresses, rubber rafts, and egos - sometimes all on the same outing. Bear Heads & Fish Tales is for anyone who believes in that fine line between tragedy and comedy and knows with all their heart that maturity is highly over-rated.

Each story is illustrated by outdoor cartoonist Jeff Schuler. The combined efforts of both author and cartoonist effectively capture the side-splitting antics and foibles of sportsmen in the Alaska outdoors, the Northcountry's grandest comic playhouse.