Alaska Angler

How to Catch Trophy Halibut - Proven tips, techniques and strategies of the experts reveals hundreds of tips that will help you catch trophy halibut wherever you fish. Whether you hire a charter or fish from your own boat, this book provides inside information that gives you an added advantage over other anglers in catching trophy halibut.

Fishing Alaska on Dollar$ a Day - A comprehensive guide to fishing, hiking and outdoor recreation in Alaska's national forests. Specific details on over 200 wilderness cabins, including exact locations. Wildlife photography and adventuring opportunities, as well as pages of alternate contact sources for more information.

Chris Batin's 20 Great Alaska Fishing Adventures - An adventure book you won't want to put down. Chock full of Alaska wilderness fishing adventure stories and anecdotes that not only entertain, but inform. Only a handful of anglers experienced in the world's best fishing have known about many of the areas detailed in this book.

How to Catch Alaska's Trophy Sportfish - This book gives you a Ph.D. crash course in Alaska fish habits and biology necessary for success. It translates volumes of biological data into terms you must know and use to catch trophy sportfish.

Bear Heads and Fish Tales Learn the techniques for smoking fish, Alaska-style, by burning your neighbor's garage; what words to say to your oil pan while sleeping under your car; tips on preparing wilderness gourmet meals such as Chicken Noodle Salmon or Humpy Rainwater Soup; how to stuff a mature bull caribou into the cargo space of a Subaru hatchback and much more.

Hunting in Alaska: A Comprehensive Guide Master guides and big game experts provide decades of first-hand experience, ensuring your Alaska hunt is a complete success. Based on 21 years of Alaska hunting experience and research, Hunting in Alaska: A Comprehensive Guide provides you with a wealth of never before available information.