20 Great Alaska Fishing Adventures

Alaska Angler

Chris Batin

Frustrated by shoulder-to-shoulder crowds ... mediocre Alaska fishing opportunities ... and fish that are small and too few in number? If so, get ready to fly into a glacial-rimmed volcanic crater and fish nearby streams where you will land 50 salmon a day ... a wilderness mountain retreat where you catch 11 different species of sportfish in one week ... or discover a remote river where anglers catch several 10 to 17-pound rainbow trout each day!

At your fingertips is everything you need to duplicate the author's successes ... as well as specific travel details necessary for you to plan one of Alaska's 20 finest fishing adventures NOW.

Many fisheries are so remote, only a handful of anglers visit them each year! This book has over 150 photos and maps ... showing what you can expect first-hand. See the rivers ... country ... fish ... and the adventure you can expect on each trip!

This book offers you detailed information on where to find fish at each location ... forage fish and hatch information ... and personal observations on the habits of these sportfish so you can make outstanding catches ... and releases ... of trophy fish Alaska is famous for. A comprehensive listing of the most productive flies for each area, based on actual field tests.

Free information on contacts, charter pilots, lodges, road-access routes, telephone numbers ... everything you need to plan your Great Alaska Fishing Adventure this year.

It's an adventure book you won't want to put down! This book is also chock-full of Alaska wilderness fishing adventure stories and anecdotes that not only entertain, but inform. Only a handful of anglers experienced in the world's best fishing have known about many of these areas.