Alaska Fishing

Alaska fishing is one of the most exciting, intense fishing experiences out there. Alaska has amazing opportunities to fish for trout, king salmon, grayling, and northern pike. The Alaskan panhandle is fed by the ocean and stays warmer than the rest of the state, offering great Alaska fishing opportunities all year around. But the panhandle is only the beginning. From coast to coast, anglers can try their hand at saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, fly-fishing and ice fishing, and the state offers certificates of achievement to those who bag the biggest catches in a species. Whether you're looking for surroundings that are rustic and wild or tranquil and relaxed, the right fishing trip is waiting for you.

The Kenai River on the Alaskan panhandle is one of the greatest destinations for Alaska sport fishing. Every year, there are two runs of king salmon, silver salmon, and red salmon. Every other year, pink salmon join the fun. During these amazing runs, king salmon weighing over 90 pounds can be caught by even inexperienced anglers. While Kenai holds the reputation of being one of the best trophy rivers in Alaska, there are over three thousand rivers and 94 big lakes to choose from. Saltwater enthusiasts can fish the North Pacific, Bering Sea, Chukchi Sea, and the Arctic Ocean. Off the Alaskan coast, the Arctic offers wild waves and rich fishing grounds for deep sea fishers.

In the state's interior, 1,875 miles of the awesome Yukon River host runs of Alaska salmon. Summer is short in the innermost parts of the state, so the fishing never stops between June and September. Alaska salmon run the river from June through July, and silver salmon in August and September. Other species can be found in nearby lakes, with over three million small lakes dotting the landscape. After ice-out, lake trout and Arctic char offer great lake fishing action. In winter, ice fishing enthusiasts get burbot through the river ice, and the lakes sprout villages of tents and shanties for lake fishing.

Alaska is an intense, rewarding destination for anglers. Alaska fishing offers some of the most variety, biggest trophies, and best fishing communities anywhere in the United States. Anyone interested in Alaska fishing can find lodges, tour guides, and plentiful bait and tackle shops most anywhere they want to go – or head off the beaten path and design a unique fishing trip throughout Alaska's thousands of miles of pristine wilderness. Plenty of local services even offer fly-in by small plane to some of the best fishing spots in Alaska. If you're looking for a fishing experience to remember for a lifetime, you can't go wrong with Alaska fishing.