Saltwater Fishing Records

Heavyweight Fishing Records The world's outstanding saltwater records by Louis Bignami 

Possible British Columbia World Record Sturgeon Catch it, lift it and let it go by Louis Bignami

McReynolds' Monopoly Striper McReynolds' Monopoly Striper Atlantic City world record striped bass by Louis Bignami 

Rigging for Records on the Flats Fine points for bonefish, permit and tarpon by Louis Bignami

Tarpon Records History and how-to by Louis Bignami

Bluefin Tuna Record Photo

Broadbill Swordfish Record Photo

Blue Marlin Record Photo

Great White Shark Record Photo and text

Tiger Shark Record Photo

Sturgeon Record Photo

Rainbow / Steelhead Record Photo

Saltwater Temperature Preferences These may not tell you where record fish are, but will tell you where they are not!