Hawaii: Gearing Up for Shore Action

by Louis Bignami

Use what you have. A medium to light weight six-foot-long spinning outfit, tiny jigs, a few sinkers and size 2 to 8 hooks, and six to ten pound test line take most of the smaller reef, bay and beach species. A nine foot "steelhead" outfit and 10 to 15 pound test offers more casting range and suits breakwaters and bigger fish. A big surf stick handles cliff fishing and heavy-weights. Don't worry about gear; use what you have and vary your method to match. Even a cheap cane pole takes fish in tidepools and off seawalls.

If you buy gear in Hawaii, you'll find bargains in the chain outlets, but better information and the hot local lure or bait in smaller bait shops. Buy gear, then ask about the fishing and you'll likely get directions to your own honey hole full of colorful fish and tales for the home folks. Who knows, you may, briefly, "catch a whale." It's happened!

Information numbers, Dept. of Aquatic Resources

Oahu (808) 548-4002
Hawaii (808) 961-7501
Maui (808) 224-4352
Kauai (808) 245-4444
Molokai (808) 567-6696
Lanai (808) 565-6688