Stripers on the Sand Surf fishing action off San Francisco beaches by Lou Bignami

Stand-up Fishing Stands Out in So Cal Step right up to the rail and duke it out! That's our motto. by Captain David Bacon

Poke Pole Pleasures A cheap and successful Italian technique for reef rockfish by Louis Bignami

Kid's Fishing Starting kids fishing in Southern California saltwater by Captain David Bacon

California's Unbreakable Sturgeon Record Slot limits make weighting bigger fish unlikely by Louis Bignami

San Diego County Saltwater Action Near boarder hot spots considered by Capt. David Bacon

Boiler Rock Bassin' The biggest calico bass of your life is waiting for you in the scariest place you can fish by Capt. David Bacon

Consider the Coast Salmon and steelhead provide sport anytime water is reasonably clear and not out of the banks by Lou Bignami

Wintertime Fishing Heats Up the SoCal Coast It may still be a bit cold, but the fishing is still hot! by Capt. David Bacon

Salt Water Shore Basics Gearing up for shore action by Goldie Sutton

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Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties by Capt. David Bacon

North Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties by Capt. David Bacon

San Diego County Saltwater Action by Capt. David Bacon