Australia and Oceania

"This was No Boating Accident." Richard Dreyfus's remark to the coroner upon viewing the shark-ravaged remains of a swimmer in the movie "Jaws"  by Jim Austin

Piscatorial Pain Do fish feel pain? One wonders by Greg Milner

"This May Pinch a Little." Sometimes brotherly love cracks and creaks a bit by Jim Austin

Exmouth Adventure Twelve Australian blokes who travel with a mere 95 fishing rods over 1,300 kilometers on a nine day trip and fish frisky saltwater in a three metre boat? by Greg Milner

It Ain't Always about Catching Fish Sometimes it's a better day when the daughters feed your bait to dolphins by Greg Milner, Perth

Easy, Affordable Hawaii Fishing Casual inshore and freshwater action on a budget by Louis Bignami

Hawaii: Gearing Up for Shore Action Basic tackle suggestions for visitors by  Louis Bignami

Kona Village Hawaii's Fishing Bali HaI; the world's best resort? by Louis Bignami

Hawaii's Fish A look at species, sizes and seasons.

Billfish Blues What does it really cost to catch billfish? by Annette Lucido

Saltwater Temperature Preferences These may not tell you where fish are, but will tell you where they are not!