July Fishing Report

King mackerel on the Georgia coast: July is the prime month to catch the big kings off the coast from Savannah to Cumberland Island.

How-to: Early morning trolling over the reefs with a ballyhoo and sea witch attached to an outrigger or planer board, or later in the day, use the same rig on a downrigger, at 30 to 60 feet. The water depth over the reefs is usually 100 to 110 feet deep. According to marine biologists, some huge kings are being caught in tide rips or where the water color changes near the shore. Drift a live menhaden on a tandem hook rig with or without any weight in these areas.

Keys to success: Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary, I7 miles east of Sapelo Island is an excellent area for king mackerel. Any of the artificial reefs from Tybee Island to Cumberland Island also produce well.

Contacts: The Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Resource Office in Brunswick, Georgia can provide a map of the offshore reefs and some current fishing information at (912) 264-7218. Also, Two-Way Marina provides excellent information in the Brunswick area by calling (912) 265-0410 or in the Savannah area, call (912) 897-4921.

Shoal bass in the Flint River: All it takes is a flyrod, some popping bugs and a little patience to catch lots of shoal bass in the Flint during July. It's a cool experience during a hot month!

Altamaha River tarpon: Plenty of tarpon ranging from 35 to 140 pounds can be found roaming near the mouth of the Altamaha River in July. Large topwater jerkbaits guarantee some hot action. Contact Frank Mead at (912) 638-4261.

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