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Priest Lake Lakers: Part 1 Basics Priest Lake seems the Teddy Kennedy of North Idaho waters.

Priest Lake Lakers: Part 2 Limits & Approaches It's a matter of temperature and, if you lack a sonar unit to locate fish, it's vital to ask other fishermen about productive levels.

Priest Lake Lakers: Part 3 Moving Water Alternatives River and Creek alternatives near Pries Lake in Northern Idaho

Fall Harvest from the Mid-Columbia In the golden days of September and October, the real trophy fishery begins by Glenn Summers

Lake Chelan: Hot Salmon Fishing and More Chelan was first stocked with chinook salmon in 1974 by Terry Rudnick

Oregon-Washington Walleye on the Columbia River The epic habitat of the Columbia River provides this toothy predator room to grow to enormous sizes by Glenn Summers

Monster at Celilo Ever dream of catching that above-the-fireplace sized Sturgeon? Take your change on the Columbia river by G.D. Summers

Fishing Northern Idaho's St. Joe River Idaho's best fishing? Could be! by Louis Bignami

For Fishing, Bend's a Best Bet Central location and a mix of trout and bass and more by Summer Braun

Better In Brownlee Extremely popular reservoir