Freshwater: Where-To

When I started fishing several decades ago a fellow with the now politically incorrect name of "Frenchy" caught more and bigger trout. When asked about his catch his replies were perfect examples of what an English Professor fish buddy calls, "piscatorial prevarication."   

If Frenchy had brown trout from a lake he'd insist he caught them in "Deer Creek" Note: Deer, bear, squirrel creeks and lakes are pretty safe answers as most counties you'd want to live in have at least a couple of each.

When I first started writing about trout more than 30 years ago I wrote a regional for, I dimly remember, Outdoor Life, on a tiny cluster of alpine lakes that offered wonderful rainbows at the price of a steep five mile hike.

"Best of all, XYZ lakes never crowd out."  Two weekends after the issue date of the magazine I hit the lakes and discovered 53 fishermen.

So don't expect honey holes here. What you can expect is a general treatment of areas with attention to methods and suggestions of specific locales. After we get geared up we'll also offer some referrals to guides and resorts, but these only after careful checking.

If you'd like coverage of other areas just ask. You'll note were "mostly American English" publication, but we've a bit of Aussie and some other languages. So if you've something to contribute sent it along.

"No day spent teaching a child to fish is wasted."
Louis Bignami