Central and South America

The Peacock Bass: Brazil's Aquatic Ambassador No matter where you find him, you’ll soon discover that the tucunaré is one surly ambassador who does not rely on charm and good manners to lure foreign visitors to his country by Andy Hahn

Brazilian Gold Rush The dorado, a fantastic gamefish, has all the qualities the angler seeks -- strength, size and aggression. Best of all, it is slams lures. by Andy Hahn

Brazil's Sailfish City When the bite is on, you can raise twenty sails in a day without raising any eyebrows. These are good sized fish, averaging over 50 pounds by Andy Hahn

Capital Brasileira de Sailfish (Portuguese version)

Tropical Rain Forest Trout A fisherman must accept a particular ideology when fishing rivers like the Mambucaba, in Brazil.

Truta da Floresta Tropical (Portuguese version)

Brazilian Peacock Action Where to, and when to fish for Peacock Bass in Brazil by Larry Larsen

The Fierce Exotics From his book, Peacock Bass & Other Fierce Exotics: Book 2.by Larry Larsen

Romping through Rio Romping through Rio - Majestic mountains fall to sparkling beaches. Art galleries, emeralds, Capacabana and Ipanema lure the unwary by Annette Lucido

Whiskered Warriors of the Amazon Spectacular catfishing in Brazil (English). Spectacular catfishing in Brazil Os Guerreiros Barbudos da Amazonia (Portuguese version) by Andy Hahn