Record-Winning Fish

The Second Best Bluegill Fifty years of second best seems a heavy price for not weighing a potential world record at once byLouis Bignami

Living The Good Life by Jeff Okida

National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

Earning A World Record by Louis Bignami

Record Warmouth picture of the Warmouth

Record Shellcracker picture of the Shellcracker

American Pike Records  A look at the 100th largest pike every caught and other oddments by Louis Bignami

Mighty Muskie Records Rescinded by Lou Bignami

Larry Larsen's All-tackle Payara Record Sometimes you do your research, go to the right place at the right time, and it actually happens!by Larry Larsen

Record Ohio Catfish Catch by Robbie Robinson

Record Largemouth Bass: Angling's Million Dollar Prize If it can be kept alive, the next record largemouth may be worth over a million dollars by Louis Bignami