Freshwater: Species

A few years ago a neighbor -- the kind that borrows that asks to cut off "a little corner" of your mesh turkey blind to make a camo mask because he's too cheap to buy one -- arrived in his Mercedes with the "World Record Bass" in hand. I asked him if he was sure it was a bass. He responded, "Of course, I caught it out of my bass pond and the only things in there are bass and bluegills. Does this look like a bluegill to you? It's sort of strange looking, but that's probably because of fertilizer runoff or something."


He wanted to know how to weight it. I explained about certified scales and noted butcher shops have those. I carefully noted the need for line samples and gave him an International Gamefish Association Record Form.

He asked if I the paper might be interested in taking his photo. "Sure, I replied, "a world record bass is national news. I'll call the photographer and have him ready to shoot."

Then he wanted to know where he could get the fish mounted. So I pointed him towards the best taxidermist in the area. Then he wanted to know ho much the world record bass was worth. I replied, "Experts start at $1,000,000 and go up. But are you sure it's a bass?"

All I got was a dirty look.  The newspaper photographer took the picture. It ran on the front of sports page news. After all, a 32 pound fish smashes the black bass record.

How come you haven't heard about this. Carp don't count for bass records.

In any case we've gathered articles by species here for your convenience. Were open for new additions to the species indices.

"No day spent teaching a child to fish is wasted."
 Louis Bignami