Larry Larsen's All-Tackle Payara Record

Fine Fishing Editor's all-tackle payara

ALL-TACKLE world record saber-toothed payara taken by our Bass and Caribbean Travel Editor, Larry Larsen. The record fish weighed in at 25 pounds and measured 38 inches long with its mouth closed and 42 inches in length with its tooth open. It was taken in late March of 1955 on a trip to the Orinoco River. The record required a long fight in the swift water below a rapid in the State of Amazonas in Venezuela.

"I went to the Venezuela/Columbia border river with the goal of establishing a new all tackle record for the species," says Larsen. The area chosen has the reputation of producing numerous 20 pound plus payara. Larsen used a bait-casting reel filled with 50 pound test braided Kevlar line and hooked the fish with a green and orange plug.

Larsen has previously established seven line class records for peacock bass in South America. He's written for most US publications and is the author of 15 books on largemouth bass fishing.

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