Exotic and Unusual Fish

Monster at Celilo Ever dream of catching that above-the-fireplace sized Sturgeon? Take your change on the Columbia river by G.D. Summers

Brazilian Peacock Action Where to, and when to fish for Peacock Bass in Brazil by Larry Larsen

Larry Larsen's All-tackle Payara Record Sometimes you do your research, go to the right place at the right time, and it actually happens! by Larry Larsen

The Fierce Exotics From his book, Peacock Bass & Other Fierce Exotics: Book 2 by Larry Larsen

The World's Most Exciting - Peacock Bass! Larry Larsen holds four line class world records for Peacock Bass by Larry LarsenĀ 

Whiskered Warriors of the Amazon Spectacular catfishing in Brazil. (English) by Andy HahnĀ 

Os Guerreiros Barbudos da Amazonia Spectacular catfishing in Brazil. (Portuguese version) by Andy Hahn

This was No Boating Accident Shark Attack! Some people are innocent victims. Some people ...by Jim Austin

Interior Alaska's Best, Most Affordable Grayling Pristine wilderness, big fish by Christopher Batin

Earning a World Record Good planning and careful execution secured the Lake Sturgeon record by Louis Bignami