Shallow Water Catfish Results

by Robbie Robinson

This is a 41 lb Flathead I got in 1996. I was fishing with a famous Ohio catman, Roy Hoops, and his son Allen. The fish swallowed a 6 inch golfish. When we retrieved the bait from the fishes stomach it had no bruises or bite marks and not even a scale was knocked off. The catfish had swallowed the bait in one gulp.

I had no camera but the Marina at Piedmont lake will take a poloroid of your fish, weigh it, and fill out your Fish Ohio form. They also give you your choice of a Piedmont lake hat or t-shirt. Roy directed the placement of the bait. We got the fish just off a small island in 16 inches of water. It was hunting fish near the island where it could trap them against the bank. My thanks to Roy and Allen Hoops!