New Yellow Bass Record

by Louis Bignami

Ultralight rods and tiny tube lures take everything from trout through fresh and saltwater panfish. Jim Raymer of Greenfield, Indiana knowsthat. He broke the existing 2-pound, 9-ounce yellow bass world record by 6-ounces. That's a lot at these small sizes. Jim Rayer of Greenfield Indiana with record

His fish measured 16.7 inches long and had a 12.7 inch girth. Nicely enough, he measured the fish on a state-certified scale as should always be the case ASAP after a catch. He entered "bananas" as a product code so the scale would work properly.

The prior record came from Tennessee's Duck River, but it's not unusual for stillwaters like Morse Reservoir to product bigger fish. Such was the case with this wonderful example of Morone mississippiensis, a species closely related to and hybridizing with white, striped, and white/striper (wipers) bass.

The key to identification is teeth. White bass have one set of teeth on their on ther tonque. Striped bass have two separate patches. Hubrids have two joined patches and yellow bass don't have any