October Outings

Since fish are cold blooded their activity levels depend on a combination of water temperature and oxygen levels. The "Fall Turnover" comes when surface water cools to the point that it drops down to the bottom. This mixes and oxygenates stillwaters.

In moving waters cooler weather brings peak action for trout, fall runs for salmon and steelhead and the last good fishing for warmer water species such as bass and panfish. So it's time to get out. Such seems especially the case since many species are loading up with food before the long winter dormant period, and other species, such as brook trout, spawn.

Then too, catches don't seem to matter much this time of year when the trees turn orange and gold.

Saltwater brings decent fall fishing between the warm winds of summer and winter storms save, sad to say, on the Southeast Coast of the United States that's lately collected far more weather and wet than anyone likes.

Fall methods don't need to vary much. Remember that bait fish get bigger, but fewer in numbers over the course of the year, and hatches based on warmer waters taper off. So try larger lures and terrestrial or minnow pattern flies and expect to do well.