Freshwater: How-To

This is the place to find the answers to your freshwater fishing questions. Please let us know if we've missed something and we'll try to get to it. Got a question? Just ask me here. Want to know about tackle? After 50 years fishing and 32 years as a full-time angler I hope I can help. Experience does let you separate the merely nice from the necessary. Old time solutions tend to be both easy and inexpensive. If you want a Daddy Warbuck's "he who dies with the most toys, wins" gear recommendation I can offer that too. Ask!

Do realize that much of the freshwater how-to transfers easily over into light saltwater fishing. It's also important to look for solutions that require technique that, once mastered, stays with you. If you try to solve problems with technology your solution is only as durable as your equipment. That's pretty durable these days.

"No day spent teaching a child to fish is wasted."
-Louis Bignami