Fishing Equipment

Net Results Selecting and using better landing nets

Factors that Influence Lure Performance A short history of lure design and a fairly technical study of lure performance. Let an industry expert show you why and explain how by Joe Hughes.

If It's Not a Minnow Pay attention to baitfish basics and your plug, fly or spinner results improve too! by Louis Bignami

Fly Line Number to Lure Weight Coversion Table How to get a size fly rod blanks to intended lure weights.

Kids Can With Cane A simple approach with basic gear to start kids fishing.
by Louis Bignami

Never Call them Bobbers Floats for big brown trout & steelhead. by Louis Bignami

Swivel Drivel There are definite quality differences. But don't take my word--test your own! by Louis Bignami

Smallmouth Bass Tackle and Techniques Think trout-size gear.
by Louis Bignami

Roll Your Own Rods: Part 1 Theory A different look at rod wrapping. by Editor and Publisher Louis Bignami

Roll Your Own rods: Part II Construction Tips Nuts and bolts rod wrapping basics by Louis Bignami

Match your Knife and Filleting Method for Easier Results A look at knives and filleting by Bill Rival

Rigging for Considered Trolling Use appropriate tackle and methods that match the species by Richard Cleek

Gearing Up for Ditch Bass A look at bass fishing gear by Bob Feld

Beating the Bugs It's that time of year again! by Brett Brown