Europe and Africa

Trout Fishing in Kenya Lions on your back cast? by Brian M. Wiprud

Angler's Travel to Africa Logistics for trout anglers. by Brian M. Wiprud

Pike Fishing Unlimited Fishing in Aland between Sweden and Finland takes you to waters where the giant pike lurk by Harry Samlgren, Swedish ditor This article is also in German

Fly Fishing in Finland - Hooked: The Confession of a Fly Fishing Virgin by Andrew Young

Fishing in Andorra A very small, very special, very unknown fly and lure fishing venue to check by Paul Mikhelson, Andorran Editor

Fly fishing In Lapland among Elk and Bear Our new Swedish Editor and Captain of the Swedish International Fly Fishing Team offers a look at wilderness Lapland angling by Harry Samlgren, Swedish Editor

Wildnisfischfang unter Elchen und Bären Harry Salmgren, der Kapitän der schwedishen Nationalmannshaft im Angeln mit künstlichen Fliegen, schreibt über sein Wildnisfishfang im Fishschutzgebiet Lapland-Lycksele.