Welcome to the flyfishing section of Fine Fishing Magazine. You will find unique insights, superior images and fly selection, fly casting, fly tying and other skills  from experts like Gary Borger, Jack Samson, Captain Peter Kuminsky, the author of Flyfishing for Dummies  and a host of others -- see the author's index. Expect surprises, such as the wonderful images -- see below -- from Peter Scammell's exceptional book, The Phrenological Fly. 

You'll also find tools, such as freshwater and saltwater temperature preference charts, leader building and ratios to hook size and much else you can use to improve your results on trout, salmon, bass, panfish and other species.

We offer English coverage spiced with  other languages to welcome everyone welcome, and try for a more international approach than most magazines with editors in Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy and elsewhere.  

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