Saltwater Flyfishing

White Marlin on a Fly: Adventure in Vitoria by Andy Hahn

Marlin Branco No Fly: Uma Adventura em Vitória por Andy Hahn Portuguese version

Saltwater Flyfishing: A book review One of the best flyfishing books for saltwater ever. by Louis Bignami

Practical Fly Selection for Saltwater Tropical fly choices for Florida and the Caribbean. by Captain John A. Kumiski

Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon A specialist's book for British Columbia, Washington & Oregon with universal insights by Barry M Thornton

Snapper -- Saltwater Bluegills A common saltwater panfish that offers uncommon excitement. by Jack Samson, Saltwater Editor

Saltwater Temperature Preferences These may not tell you where fish are, but will tell you where they are not!

California Jack Smelt Why else should I "lust in my heart" for jack smelt when I live in Northern Idaho by Louis Bignami