Flyfishing Books and Art

Fish Books: Finding Fact and Fiction A look at fly fishing and other classic fishing literature by Louis Bignami 

A Different Angle Fly Fishing Stories by Women reviewed by Louis Bignami

Finding Michigan's Best Trout Streams Just a hole by hole look at the best of the best by Gerth E. Hendrickson

Tight lines, Bright Water A lovely look at the piscatorial pleasures on a top angler by Dave Engerbretsen

Live Fly images from The Phrenological Fly by Bob Scammel

Funny Lines & Fishy Advice Excerpts from Wit & Wisdom of Fishing by Louis Bignami et all

Lee Wulff  When told of his death, Charles Kurault, host of CBS's "Sunday Morning" said " Lee Wulff was to fly fishing what Einstein was to physics." by Jack Samson (reviewed by Louis Bignami)